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Residential and Commercial Properties for MEP and Title 24

Residential and Commercial Properties for MEP and Title 24

Mechanical Services – Our engineering team will design your facility to maximize the efficiency of your mechanical system. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation (Exhaust present for hazardous chemical use)
  • Air circulation
  • Humidity
  • Air filtration

Our team stays current with all code requirements for each local jurisdiction to ensure designs will meet the most up to date requirements.

Electrical Services – Our team will ensure that all of your equipment’s power is accounted for in their design. From simple electronic devices like lights to heavy load systems like HVAC systems, our engineering team will ensure that your facility will have enough power to support all your electrical components.

Plumbing Services – The plumbing sets will include water to all places it is needed but will also account for any waste systems that need to be incorporated in the building/facility while also taking into account any water conservation implementations that can be incorporated for sustainability.

Title 24 – We can help with Title 24 building calculations and submittal. If you have your components finalized, we can model your building to ensure it passes T24 requirements. In situations where the building does not pass the energy efficiency standards, we can recommend updates to your building plans to meet the compliance requirements. If you are early in your development and want to ensure that your building will comply, we can recommend the parameters to ensure that will happen.