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Cannabis Hemp Extraction, Grow and Retail

Cannabis Hemp Extraction, Grow and Retail

We offer a wide variety of assistance to the cannabis market. Our expertise in the market can help those at any level in their cannabis journey; from those just getting started to those who have been operational for years.

Need help with your plan submission? We offer help with full plan (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) creating and submittal. Our design team specializes in cannabis facilities ensuring that your plans are designed to comply with all local jurisdiction requirements and safety requirements.

Need help selecting equipment? We can help point you in the right direction. Based on your output goals the size of the system can be determined. Our industry partners can offer a variety of solutions to meet your system requirements. These systems usually come Peer Reviewed to help streamline your approval process.

Want to build your own custom system? No problem! Customs systems can be peer reviewed to ensure compliance and design safety. Full Manufacturing datasheets are required for all the vessel to calculate safety factors at your specific operating pressures.

Don’t know where to start? We can help point you in the right direction based on your output goals. Reach out to us to start your planning!